Wild animals are pretty crafty. They can squeeze through even the tiniest opening if they really want to. Unfortunately, this means they can also get into your house pretty easily. Sometimes they may wander in by accident and other times they might be looking to escape the elements. Whatever the reason for their visit, they don’t belong in your home. So what do you do when they arrive?

Here are five tips to follow when removing an unwanted wildlife animal from your home:

1. Don’t Panic

First things first, don’t panic. Whether you have a squirrel, a bird or a raccoon in your home, it is important to remain calm. The animal is most likely looking for food or shelter and has no interest in hurting you. In fact, it is probably more scared than you are. So just relax as much as possible and wait to see if the animal finds its own way out.

2. Keep Your Distance

While you are keeping calm and waiting for the animal to vacate your property on its own will, you should also keep your distance. As I said above, the animal is probably more scared than you are and may become defensive if it feels threatened. Do not try to catch the animal or corner it. This is a sure way to get yourself bit or scratched. Keep an eye on the animal to see what it does, but be sure to do so from a distance. Also, keep any children or pets out of the room.

3. Open Doors and Windows

Open doors and windows to ensure the animal has an easy way out. Try turning the lights on or playing loud music so that it wants to leave. You can try to lead it toward the exit with a trail of food as well. Do not try to force the animal out of your home, however, this could provoke an attack.

4. Block the Entrance When They Leave

If the animal does leave on its own, find out how it got in your house and be sure to block the entryway as soon as possible. Many animals get in through the vents, chimney or holes in the siding, so be sure to examine these areas first. If you can’t find the point of entrance, call a licensed wildlife trapper to help you find it.

5. Call a Specialist

That brings us to our final point. If the animal refuses to leave your home or can’t seem to find an exit, call a specialist to come remove it. A licensed wildlife rehabilitator will be able to safely trap the animal without causing any harm and relocate it to a designated safe zone miles away from your home.

About Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary

Unlike other trapping companies that drown or dispose of the animals they trap, we safely remove wildlife and give them a second chance on our sanctuary far away from your home. 100% of the proceeds from our trapping services provide food, medicine and shelter for our animals. For prompt animal trapping and removal assistance please contact us today!